Exeter Civic Society

Exeter Civic Society

Do you care about the city you live in?

Do you want to know more about historic Exeter?

Do you want to have your say on current developments?

Discover Exeter’s History

The Civic Society has a blue plaques scheme to celebrate famous people associated with Exeter over the centuries. Find out about the plaques commemorating the city’s links to notable historical figures with our Blue Plaque guide.


A city is always changing. But those changes can be for the better or for the worse.  Exeter Civic Society was set up to care for Exeter and make sure that further redevelopment is of the highest possible standard for our city and for our quality of life.  All over the country, Civic Societies are working to keep their cities and towns a pleasant and enjoyable place to live. If you care about Exeter we’re looking for people who have some time to help Exeter stay beautiful. Retired, working or not working… some have more time than others, but just a little of your time will be welcome!